Saturday, April 26, 2008

Elephant Caravan complete

Whew, that took me a good coupla weeks, what with completely losing the yearning to knit. I had a bad cold for a while, and...April has been one better Spring day after another. As each day passes and I tend to all the garden beds, names, hibernating over the winter, mystically spill out of my mouth: ". . .Helebore. . .astilbe. . .," instead of "K2tog...with right sides facing...Alice Starmore...."

Yet eleven elephants have gathered, all (but buttons) is done. Now I can wait to see when knitting calls again to me. For now, the pear trees want pruning, little sedums whose surrounding ground has eroded, want replanting. My mother, who's moving, wants some steadying help; my students want me to assign and read their last essays. (And all that wanting makes me want to knit; heh.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The elephants are coming

After a breather, after doing a silly scarf--for which I learned a new cast-on and enjoyed Berroco Pure Merino Nuance--I'm happily knitting a fair isle cardi, with elephants from an Alice Starmore pattern. Pretty fine elephants--and, though for a child, the sweater is in NOT pastels; in super soft Blue Sky Alpaca. Pleasing work-in-progress.