Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Sweater #2

I'll add some text in the next day or so, but wanted to post the pictures of Valentine's Day sweater #2, and its happy recipient, Eliza. My grand daughters had a sleepover with me this weekend, which was marvelous fun, but our night was a bit "short,' and I'm a bit wasted. More later.

Oh, am working now on a sweater for my daughter, the Februrary Women's Sweater, grown up from E. Zimmerman's February baby sweater. I'm working it in Jamieson's Shetland Heather ("Grouse"), and will go pull stitches now, eager to get to WEBS tomorrow to buy a longer needle: I started with a 27-inch lantern moon, and have gone from about 60 stitches to 306, and there's just NO ROOM on the cable.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day sweaters

Well, I fell short of my goal to make two Valentine's Day sweaters, for Ainsley and Eliza, in time for Actual Valentine's Day. But did finish the first one, and am going to work long tonight on the second. I particularly liked the heart motif I found in volume three of Barbara Walker's invaluable books. The sweater, in size 6 for growing three-year-olds, is considerably bigger==longer and wider--than I'd hoped or expected, so the second one I'm now working on I'll do in the round (an irrelevant modification for size purposes), and shorten and narrow a tad, and probably do completely different yokes while keeping Walker's hearts: my grand daughters are in the height of their appreciation for hearts and pinks and purples (and fairies and princesses and and ).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another nice break

Another nice break from knitting the Puzzle Jacket came with Saturday's morning with Ainsley and Eliza (while the 'rents did some errands and took themselves out to lunch). We did art work, at my house, cuddled under fairy-princess blankets while watching (some of ) MULAN--which was probably the scariest film they'd seen, so we paused and talked about warriors and Huns and why, why, why.

And made Mulan Muffins, to top off our luncheon.

Turn down the thermostat

I finished this afternoon--3 1/2 weeks is trying to spend on one project. But now, let February do what January did, and I don't care how cold it grows (tiddlely pom), I've got this jacket for all winter weathers.

I'm both sick to death of knitting it and rueful that the project's over (sort of like the end of a teaching semester). I'm going to read a book as a transition back to unobsessive life, letting the fingers regain full blood flow, and the mind wander somewhere else.