Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A single long strand

"I always wonder what it would be like to belong to a species — just for a while — that isn’t so busy indexing its life, that lives wholly within the single long strand of its being. " (Verlyn Klinkenborg, NYTimes, Dec. 31, 2007)

In the single long strand of the Dragon-Skin Wrap I was knitting last night lurked a twist, where I'd cast on the back neck band: as midnight approached, I tried to untwist or double-twist that crucial hiccup, to will it not to be important, even as I was trying to visualize how the back could, apparent to the pattern-writer but not apparent to the pattern-executer, knit down from the top of the recently joined two fronts. Not indexing my life at midnight but staring at what becomes of that single strand of the sweater's being, I . . . went to bed.

Happy New Year. Complexity will somehow resolve itself with the light of morning: I turned the entire left front on the needles, and VOILA the single long strand of the Dragon-Skin Wrap is all heading in the same direction, knots, twists, and hiccups all gone.

Moral: go to sleep.

(Interweave Knits: Holiday Gifts, 2007; Zara yarn)

And here's a chubby beauty, my fourth Christmas Stocking, by Judy's Colors (Nordic Fiber Arts). I'm not finishing a late Christmas present, I'm actually early for a February almost-baby. I've decided to knit Christmas stockings as baby gifts, since they'll suit the bambino/bambina for years instead of for two months, as would a baby sweater I'd otherwise knit. This one is a third as large again as the pattern called for (120 stitches cast on instead of the pattern's 80), so my friends can tuck the baby inside the stocking when it arrives: it's a stocking it's a swaddle.

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