Sunday, August 31, 2008

Legwarmers and more: I'm back

Anyone with suggestions for little-girl leg warmers, to help them stay up? I'm not short of suggestions, from, for how to make little leg warmers, but before experimenting would appreciate ideas on good yarns to use or how to sew in above-the-knee elastic --which sounds binding and too primitive a solution. I haven't begun to look around, have just "faved" a bunch of tubish patterns from ravelry. But my three-year-olds are about to start ballet and tap class, so must must must have a range of leg warmers to fill out the leotard and tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes outfits, a crucial accessory, no?

As two-year-olds, with a dancing mother's encouragement, they prepared, as in the accompanying photo; now they're ready for Dawn's School of Dance every Monday. If I can become mistress of the leg warmer, I could supply their little friends as well. Appealing leg warmers will also be good for living with the lower thermostat settings this winter. My D-I-L predicts a cottage industry in leg warmers, once I get them right. So, help please.

Six weeks since an entry here, and more of that time I spent not knitting than knitting; but as I return from heaven-on-earth, the family compound on Lake Huron in Michigan, and sense overnight crispness in the air, my fingers increase their twitchiness, my lap no longer abhors being covered with wool bits, and I re-engage my need to stitch.

Since I'll be teaching two new classes in the upcoming weeks, I've done test runs of "Big Sven Sveater" and of a Christmas stocking. And will do more Christmas stockings before starting that fun class in ten days. This second Sven Sveater will remind me what I didn't like about the pattern, help me to make it a smooth project for the upcoming SvSv class; doing a few more stockings will help me get used to a little bit of double pointed needles, which will help me learn to love them for doing all the leg warmers.

I've also got a handsomely intricate aran sweater on the needles--of course, for the twins--with hearts and cables, and a #4 needle, and a not easily available hand-painted superwash yarn in variegated pinks/violets.

Bring on Autumn and bring on the leg warmers!

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