Saturday, November 22, 2008


A few of my favorite unfinished sweaters. Undone: them and, in different ways today, me. So none will get finished quite yet. I'm off to sit in my first movie theatre in about five months, me the film professor. The newish Woody Allen film, Victoria, Christina, Regina, whatever-a. Leaving this sweater, above, needing buttons and crocheted button loops, so it will another day become Dawn Paige's little side-to-side sweater, in Kaffe Fassett's Regia sock yarn.

And leaving this sweater, below, which will keep trekking upwards to become my sister's Christmas vest, based on a pattern in the new Knit One Below, "Curves and Columns." On the needles in two heathers of Cascade 220, and having bedevilled me earlier with short rows forever at the beginning, this is the, I do believe, fifth attempt to knit my sister a Christmas vest--my third pattern, two rejected or rejecting me, and my third attempt to get this one going.
But something is done: "Habitat," for I don't yet know whom; the Jared Flood hat with a superfluity of cables. Resting on the dogs' biscuit jar. Knit in Lavold Classic AL, alpaca and merino wool.

Off to the movies.


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