Monday, January 26, 2009

not spending money

I've been living in Northampton, a sprint, a dash, from WEBS, for three weeks now, and am so proud that I've bought only a single set of Lantern Moon circular needles (and those with a Christmas gift certificate), to enhance the now endless experience of knitting "Puzzle Me This": even on size 8 needles, this jacket is going into its third week. I've made a vague phrased resolution to spend almost nothing, which will make the meaning of "nothing" and "almost" interesting to parse as the weeks go by. I'm loyal to the core to Knitting Etc; I've brought a generous but not overwhelming stash with me, and want the challenge of devising projects in relation to that stash; and I'm on a budget, as doubtless we all are more conscious of being on these last many months.

Since I can't make a dash for "Puzzle's" finish line, since it's a steady and lengthy haul, I took a break last night and started a lovely and popular-on-ravelry beret/toque/tam: "Selbu Modern."
The pattern's picture is above, not my hat's pic, which will follow. I'm using about five colors of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, which I brought along with me in my sabbatic stash. And enjoy being on size 2's after all the almost-aerobic workout of knitting the Noro Kochoran, a thick yarn on an only mid-sized needle. And oh, that sweater/jacket is dense.

My favorite discovery working with this "puzzle" pattern: when you do a three-needle bindoff in reverse, the "wrong" way, it's called a "decorative welt." Much of my joy in knitting is in the language, and this phrase lifts my spirits, connecting with make-up artistry and costume parties: "No problem, don't worry, it's okay, it's just a decorative welt."


melanie said...

i have that hat on my list at ravelry. I'll be intrested in seeing your's done in more than two colors.

miss you

hickory said...

and oh boy do we feel loyal and grateful to YOU in return :-)

selbu modern is a beauty! I must go find the pattern.

I love the book, Jackets, (isn't that where you found 'puzzle me'?) but am very annoyed at Oberle for a sloppy pattern writing. Changing gauge to change sizes never works. If it's right for the large sizes, the smalls will be so dense and stiff to wear. If it's good for the small sizes, the large will be sloppy and droopy and won't hold it's shape... Glad you are using a bulkier yarn, yours will likely come out quite nice :-)

suze said...

Hey Lynda, I'm gonna HAVE to make my own Selbu Modern...since I only own like uh, 2 hats, ;>
am having fun using Rowan colorspun, a chunky earthy yarn with a dash of tweed, in slowly changing coloUrs..using it to crochet a sample hat for Knitting Etc. it is GREAT. and FAST. Unfortunately, it is the YARN that makes this one, and I would have nothing even closein my stash...
miss you, suze