Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elizabeth knits and so do I

I had my last, last visit with Elizabeth, before she leaves for two months working at an AIDS and tuberculosis hospital in Lesotho, southern Africa. After seeing her last Sunday at Alexander's, and seeing her overnight in Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday, with my mother, I met her at WEBS yesterday, for a two-hour stitch and bitch: she's decided to relearn how to knit, to make a blanket for a dear friend's first baby--a good occupation during twelve-hour flights this week, and post-stress evenings in her little apartment in Lesotho. After I'd devised a pattern, with texture, cables--variety--for her, and after choosing the super-wash Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, we sat in one of the classrooms at WEBS, having a knitty visit. So, above, she is casting on and garter stitching a border. We'll hope to post pictures of her cables and so forth as the weeks go by.

And I've made beautiful headway with Connie's Varese Hoodie:

Though I had another five inches, yesterday, to finish the back, and though these colors aren't true, you get the idea.


Hickory said...

yay! another knitter finds her true calling :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Liz's blog! Maggie loves her sweater (which is still more of a dress as she doesn't take after her tall mama yet). She loves Liz even more and growls whenever she sees her. It's great to have another blog to follow. PS - my mommy was an English teacher too

Joanne Wilkinson (Liz's med school faculty buddy)

Anonymous said...

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