Monday, December 28, 2009

Home again, home again.

I came home yesterday from Christmas visits in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and first uploaded pictures, mostly of my four-year-old granddaughters' besotted pleasures. In the above two-shots, the girls are on their way to bed on Christmas Eve. Even though they look beyond excited, they fell asleep in three minutes, and stayed asleep for eleven hours--if only the knowledge that Santa comes to those who sleep worked every night of the year, heh.
The day after Christmas, and more subdued, Ainsley gets ready to go tromping in the snow, in the Eco Wool sweater I made up last Spring. It's such a winner, I stopped at WEBS (end-of-year blowout sale), on my way from Massachusetts to Connecticut, to get more and still more of these yarns to make more, larger and smaller, same and different. I do like the turned in and hemmed and wide neck, so will repeat that, when I get to making more of these.

And I wish this picture of my mother, graciously, laughingly enjoying her Xmas mittens, was a better or truer picture of her,...But it's not. The mittens on the other hand are perfect. Baby Ull and the Twist Collective "Postwar Mittens" pattern. Mom and I (and the mittens) went off to see "Young Victoria" (I think that's the title) and have dinner at a boutique Spanish restaurant.

And now I'm home, the new snow started, and almost stopping, and I am getting to work organizing my life--not too modest an ambition. With only the afterthought heel to go on my own Christmas stocking (couldn't quite get it done by the 24th, heh), I'm also getting ready for new knitting projects.


Ross and Kerry Mizrahi said...

LOVE the sweater, and I personally think that picture of your mom is STUNNING! Such a happy, gorgeous, glowing woman! Must run in the family.

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