Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heeere's EUGENE

I bought Eugene (accent grave on medial "e"), must be twenty-five years ago, at the close-out sale of a South Hill beauty shop (how did I come to go there?), and she's graced my Cornell offices forever since then, getting chipped a handsome bit or two moving from Rockefeller to Goldwin Smith. And today I brought her, with the last of my office furniture, home, where she will model hats in our retirement. I think adult hats will suit her better than these baby bonnets, but she was eager to get started in this new avocation.

We've got two "Baby Lotus Hat"s, one "Eva's Hat," and one Tri-peak baby hat, all from ravelry downloads, a weekend's messing with my stash, mostly Dalegarn Baby Ull, but the tri-peak is a buttery Great Adirondack combo I long ago got on sale from Knitting Etc., and don't know the sub-species name of. Buttery (repeat).

I'm launched on a decidedly not buttery --unless it's wire-haired-terrier-in-your-butter buttery--Shetland Heather (Jamieson's) jacket for Elizabeth. Connie C Chinchio's "Ithaca Jacket." Moving from Great Adirondack to Shetland Heather, I almost had to put on gloves and skin cream, but soon enough grew used to the scratchiness, assuring myself that it will blossom into greater softness when I block it. I'm leaving it at home for ten days, while I fly off to Chicago, as it's cumbersome for flights and back seats; so need to start a contained project for my travels. BTW, the "Grouse" color of this wool is fabulous--with a deep red and a yellowy-green tucked in the strands. When I look it's there, when I don't look, I've seen a lot of U. S. Open while doing a ton of stockinette.

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