Sunday, March 9, 2008

Samantha One finished, Samantha Two begun

Hi, I have little to say--must stick with my Sunday workload, so later I can knit--but wanted to post the finished Kate Gilbert "Samantha," in a size 4 years, for Ainsley and Eliza (who are far from four years old, so this tunic will have some storage time before being useful, I think (it does look big, and "relaxed" when I washed it, even bigger)). I modified the pattern a little--changing the sleeve cuffs, to imitate the smocking on the body; and adding a row of yarn overs/K2togethers, near the base of the body.

Wondering about next projects, I found in my knitting stash some white Zara, frogged from an earlier lace project gone awry, and invisibly cast on to make another Samantha, in a tiny baby size (3-6 months). That's tonight's knitting pleasure.

Here--in the first, the white image--see the afternoon's back; I just like this so much I need to share. Plus, one of the dogs, perhaps in protest that I was for hours on the computer rather than feeding his face, ate this same back off the stitch holders; lah dee dah, neither he nor I drew blood or stitches, so all is well.

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Hickory said...

For real? Ate the knitting? I think this is a first I've heard of those dogs being so naughty, they have been so patient until now :)