Tuesday, October 27, 2009

May the force be with you, Gooser

After consulting with Alexander, who has an excellent memory of the possible self-consciousness of an eleven-year-old, I decided not to knit Gooser a Star Wars hat for his birthday, which is today, since he might feel a little un-brave wearing it to middle school, but, rather, to give him a pillow, which he can enjoy in the privacy of his own bedroom. Stormtroopers and R2D2s, yes. Cant wait to give it to him, along with some beef jerky, late this evening, when I get home from teaching the Samantha (dress/jacket/tunic/sweater) class, session one. I know he'll love the beef jerky, and he can pretend to love the pillow, whether or not. (I had Huron County buffalo jerky for him, very special, but Yogi found and devoured it, just before he died; and that's the truth.)
And here's the match to Eliza's Norwegian Star hat, for Ainsley. Mailed last week, these hats might be on their heads when I see the girls this weekend. I'll get to attend their make-up dance class on Saturday morning, after an overnight with Mom, at Dawn's School of Dance, where I got to go every Monday while living in Northampton last winter/spring. It's a hoot and a half. (Not that they'll be wearing their hats in class, but maybe when we go trick-or-treating later on Saturday.)