Monday, August 9, 2010

and now some "moody owls"

I found "moody owls" in a mitten pattern, on, which I'm using for the nine-inch owls on this sweater for the GIRLS. This weekend, recuperating from a very intense, filling, attuned week of a writing workshop at Cornell, this weekend when I could hardly lift my chin off the table after leading my way through many people's lives-in-writing, I knit ten inches of this latest Eco Wool sweater.

You can't yet see the owl faces (they don't yet exist), but there'll be two stern and two meditative ("angry" / "sad" ?) owls, four all together. So far, just wings and white bellies. I continue making up the sweaters as I go, a fine way to stay interested, and this weekend I didn't even need anything interesting, just the motions, the yogick rhythms. To be continued.

The back and bebuttoned front of that mosaic sweater. To hide the goofs on the neckline, and to give nice open neck space, I'm pinning down the red inner neck--a design feature always revises the mistakes....

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