Thursday, August 5, 2010

sans buttons

Well, this is a mixed bag, a good experiment, but with some dopey mishaps that mute its success as a sweater. In my attempt to finish the sweater during my "free" weekend, I got lazy or careless around the neck. After deciding I couldn't do an elaborate mosaic during all the shoulder decreases, without losing the pattern for the decreases, I did something so simple (I do like topping the sweater in the lightest two color choices to hand) as an alternate pattern, that I stopped paying attention, in several ugly ways or with several ugly results, which I won't elaborate on, but which make some iffy spots along the neckline. (I get into "whatever" moods some times.)

Then, something that's NOT my unmindful fault, because I knew to use very cool water bringing this sweater to its blossom, the #$%^ red yarns bled a little bit. Nothing life-threatening, already invisible as I lay it out on the blocking board. So I think this mishap might be negligible.

I've got some buttons in my stash which will do very well. So, once this sweater dries, I'll put them on and post a final picture.

Now on to BLUE OWLS--very significant.


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