Friday, February 1, 2008

Annie Thing Goes

. . . . In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything Goes.

Good authors too who once knew better words,
Now only use four letter words
Writing prose, Anything Goes.

I bought Annie in 1986 at Harrod's, thinking of Cole Porter and of my daughter, one who "fathered" this big-headed girl, and one who got the doll on my return from London.
This morning I needed a model, since I can't well take pictures of my own head: ANNIE! To show off "Gretel," a tam I just whipped up in some new Noro Kochoran. This tam has rhythmic cable patterns, can be made in three degrees of "slouch": fitted, regular, and slouchy, and. . . is hilariously voluminous in this most generous size. To shrink the brim, I'll look either to steam it, or sew in elastic .

The Presidential debates these last two nights were perfect listening posts to knit this hat by: I'd stab the ball of Kochoran with my cable needle when Republicans revulsed me--lots of stabbing; and, last night, purr along during Obama/Clinton's convivialities.

I've been sick for two weeks, so tired and be-virused I didn't even knit. So taking my friend Suze's suggestion to start small, I did this hat, am working on a Noro Silver Thaw scarf, and am now re-energized enough to design a sweater. Let the ice storm continue!

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