Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is how gray it's been

So the sky out my livingroom window looks blue in that picture; what you need also notice, however, is the Amaryllis I potted on 1 November--that's more than three-and-a-half months ago--has grown three-and-a-half feet of stalk, all of it seeking vainly for sun, up and up and finding none. The sun bursts out today and so do the three blooms. Three-and-a-half feet of stalk is how gray it's been. Which is also probably why I've gotten so much knitting done.

Central Park Hoodie in two weeks. (Its buttons aren't as shiny and contrasting as the picture suggests; the Jamieson's Shetland Heather (Cedar), with a dull overtone (a nice dull, which reminds me of the fine distinctions among grays I've been making these last three-and-a-half months), has character and subtlety, and clear cables.) And an Einstein Coat, for one of my grand daughters, in two days.

When I settled in to grade papers all afternoon today, the sun poured so through my west-facing study window I couldn't see the computer--where the student papers lurk and pant. . . . I had to take a second walk at the dog park.

But now, settling in with a dwindling light, I'll finish--not the papers; that's for tomorrow morning-- that Einstein Coat, knit with Noro's Silver Thaw, while semi-watching the Oscars tonight. Think I'll put an i-cord or other stitch around the border to hold the many-colored coat together (visually).

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